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Although there are four McDonald’s in Rabat, Morocco, I have only mentioned the ones that I recommend, which are the two most known. 
The first is located right next to the Marjane in Hay Riad, next to the Casablanca and Tangier highway. It is next to the Pizza Hut. The service there is relatively slow, and the food quality is average.

The second McDonald’s is located in Agdal, and surprisingly the staff themselves don’t know their address, when I asked a staff member, therefore all I am able to tell you in order for you to get to the McDonald’s is by saying, “McDonald’s Agdal.” Just like that. The cab drivers will surely understand you, for there is only one McDonald’s in Agdal to start with. The entrance is located on the sidewalk next to a wide road. As you enter the McDonalds and walk straight, you will find the ordering stalls. Also as you enter, you may go upstairs where other tables are located. The playground in this McDonald's is located upstairs as well, and contains sufficent space for eight little kids. The food service in this McDonalds is relatively quick, and the food quality is average.

Entrance at the McDonalds in Marjane
Playground next to the Marjane McDonald's





The standard price for a medium meal is 39 dirhams as you can see, with a drink

of your choice. If you want a your medium meal, but with a big tasty/Big Big

Mac/Chicken Première burger, it will be slightly more expensive. The maxi

menus cost 5 more dirhams then the medium meals. A McFlurry costs 16

dirhams, and a sundae is 13 dirhams, and cones are 18 dirhams. There are more

desserts in the McDonald's, which I have not included in this page.

A drive in price poster



Phrases to help you order in French

Since many people are uncomfortable when it comes to ordering, which will mostly be done in French, I have 

made a number of phrases which should ease you in your orders.




=> To say what meal you want to order in french, the pronunciations are the same.

Ex: Big Mac in english = Big Mac in french

English: I would like to have a …
French Translation: Je voudrais commander un …

English: How much for the …?
French Translation: Combien coute le …?

English: How much will this cost me?
French Translation: Combien me coutra t-il cela?

English: I would like some straws please.
French Translation: Je voudrais des paille s'il vous plait.

English: I would like some napkins please.
French Translation: Je voudrais des serviettes de tables s'il vous plait.

English: Thank you
French Translation: Merci

The McDonalds next to Hay Riad Marjane


Things to consider

=> To learn to pronounce numbers and words in french, please visit the following sites and if you 

desire to return to this main frame click back on the top left corner of the browser




=> If they still dont understand what your trying to say, then I suggest you to say it again

with hand gestures to show what you mean.

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